FOLIO - future of libraries is open

FOLIO is a modern open-source library services platform that integrates management of both print and electronic resources. FOLIO is fully available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.


Open-source is a type of computer software that does not require the purchase of a license. The FOLIO system is distributed under the Apache 2 license, which allows for the use of the system without the need to pay costs associated with copyright.

FOLIO is an international project resulting from collaboration among libraries, programmers and system providers. The goal of this community collaboration is to create a modern ecosystem based on open-source technology that ensures accessibility, stability and continuous development for libraries.

As an official member of the FOLIO community, MOL actively participates in the design and development of the system.

The FOLIO system has been implemented in over 100 libraries worldwide. FOLIO community members include institutions such as the Library of Congress, Cornell University Library, Duke University Libraries, University of Glasgow, Universität Leipzig, University of Aberdeen and Universitätsbibliothek Mainz.

Creating an environment where the community gathered around libraries can effectively collaborate, develop innovations and discuss the needs and ambitions of libraries.

Creating an open-source system that allows libraries to reduce expenses associated with purchasing a library system.

Improving the FOLIO system by increasing library involvement in its development.

Providing functionality based on the specific needs of libraries.

By opting for the FOLIO platform, you can benefit from our expertise in the following areas:

Hosting FOLIO

Providing the necessary infrastructure (hardware and software) and professional administrative support to ensure the highest availability and stability of the FOLIO system and the security of your data.

FOLIO implementation

Analyzing needs through a thorough understanding of library operations and subsequently developing existing library processes using available tools within FOLIO.

Data migration

Over more than 30 years of collaboration with libraries in Poland and abroad, we have completed several thousand database migrations from various library systems. Our developed conversion process involves close cooperation with the library to ensure efficient migration to the new system


Our team of trainers consists of individuals with years of experience as librarians in large academic libraries. Their experience as librarians, coupled with detailed knowledge of the FOLIO system, will enable your team to thoroughly understand the capabilities of the new system and improve existing library processes.

Support / Service

Our team is here to assist you in your daily work with the system by answering substantive questions regarding the functionality of the FOLIO system and addressing any issues that arise.

Custom changes in FOLIO

FOLIO allows providers to make changes according to the needs of each library. Our team of analysts and programmers will support you in designing the necessary changes and will implement the project, incorporating the functionalities required by you into FOLIO.

If you are interested in detailed information about the FOLIO community, FOLIO system and related implementation services, please contact us.

We would be happy to provide you with a demo of the system and answer any questions you may have.