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Founded in 1991, MOL Ltd is the largest library automation software vendor in Poland, serving more than 7000 customers. Among them are academic, research, as well as public and school libraries. Our main goal is to provide user-friendly technology to meet specific needs of various library networks. We offer:

Patron – a powerful, yet easy to use integrated system aimed to serve large public and academic libraries. Branch libraries, as well as library consortia build state-of-the-art union catalogues, providing access to information and other online library services to their customers. Special attention is paid to the state-of-the-art cataloguing module and circulation features, including RFID technology.

Libra 2000 – a system dedicated to medium and small size libraries, especially suitable for public libraries. This compact, easy to install and maintain software package contains all the functionality needed. Taking advantage of Z39.50 protocol, libraries rapidly build their own catalogue databases, publish them on the Internet, and then use all the software functionality in benefits of their patrons. Networks of independent libraries can develop distributed online catalogues.

MOL Optivum – a school library management system, which has been evolving over 16 years and has achieved solid maturity. MOL Optivum is the only one library software package approved by the Ministry of Education in Poland - well above 90% of automated school libraries use our software. We take care of school libraries’ automation in cooperation with our business partner VULCAN - the leader in school management systems in Poland, delivering the integrated school management system Optivum.

Molik – Fairytale Children’s Catalogue is an innovative project. It was created specially for the youngest readers and our special attention was drawn to make it easy and fun to use. Graphical user interface is full of colors and sound effects. Molik contains multimedia descriptions of all items in the collection. This system is integrated with our other products (MOL Optivum, Patron and Libra 2000) and is aimed to serve public libraries and schools.  more...


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